Watch: Gas pump keeps charging after nozzle is removed

Here's a guy recording a gas pump that keeps charging after the nozzle is removed. Perhaps it was just a faulty pump, but it's not the first time this has happened at a gas station.

Last month, driver Garry McAllister in Texas had the same problem. He took the nozzle out of the pump, but the displayed price kept shooting up. “I felt like I was being robbed and it just seemed like they didn’t really care,” driver Garry McAllister said, according to Click2Houston. Although McAllister did receive a refund for the overcharge and a promise that the pump would be closed until the problem was fixed, a reporter later went to check on the pump and found it was not shut down – it was still over charging customers.

McAllister said the clerk promised to put that pump out of service by covering it with a plastic bag so no one else would be overcharged.

But at about 11 a.m. Sunday morning KPRC reporter Jake Reiner went back to check on that same gas pump at the Stripes Sunoco station on League City Parkway and found that pump had not been shut down. There was no plastic bag and the pump was still malfunctioning.

Reiner said he tested it out and began fueling one of the station's vehicles and it did the same thing with as McAllister claimed.

Even with Reiner’s hand off the trigger and no fuel pumping, pump 18 kept charging him.

This makes me wonder if overcharging pumps are a scam or just a pump malfunction with incompetent station employees? Pumper beware!

Intel Launches 8th Generation Core CPUs

Reader joshtops writes: Today Intel is launching its new 8th Generation family of processors, starting with four CPUs for the 15W mobile family. There are two elements that make the launch of these 8th Gen processors different. First is that the 8th Gen is at a high enough level, running basically the same microarchitecture as the 7th Gen. But the key element is that, at the same price and power where a user would get a dual core i5-U or i7-U in their laptop, Intel will now be bumping those product lines up to quad-cores with hyperthreading. This gives a 100% gain in cores and 100% gain in threads. Obviously nothing is for free, so despite Intel stating that they've made minor tweaks to the microarchitecture and manufacturing to get better performing silicon, the base frequencies are down slightly. Turbo modes are still high, ensuring a similar user experience in most computing tasks. Memory support is similar -- DDR4 and LPDDR3 are supported, but not LPDDR4 -- although DDR4 moves up to DDR4-2400 from DDR4-2133. Another change from 7th Gen to 8th Gen will be in the graphics. Intel is upgrading the nomenclature of the integrated graphics from HD 620 to UHD 620, indicating that the silicon is suited for 4K playback and processing.

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Inductive Wireless Charging for Automotive Applications

This webinar focuses on workflows and best practices to predict the performance of coils and inductive charging systems in the automotive environment.

Wireless charging is expected to play a major part in the roll-out of electric vehicles, allowing cars, trucks, and buses to be charged easily in garages, car parks and bus stops. Already, small-scale wireless charging is used to supply power to mobile devices, and this technology can also be extended to onboard electronics.

In this webinar, we will focus on workflows and best practices to predict the performance of individual coils as well as inductively coupled systems in the automotive environment. In particular, the accurate loss prediction in litz wires and ferrite materials is of great importance and will be discussed in detail. Examples will be presented of electric vehicle charging and the charging of electronic devices inside the car.



Christian Kremers received his diploma degree in physics from the University of Bonn in 2006. During his PhD studies at the institute for high-frequency and communication technology (IHCT) at the University of Wuppertal he worked on theoretical and numerical aspects of light matter interaction of nanostructured materials. In 2011 he received his PhD degree in electrical engineering. Afterwards he worked as a researcher at the IHCT. His research interests included the physical modelling of charge carrier movements in CMOS technology at THz frequencies. In 2013 he started his career as an Application Engineer at CST AG with a special focus on optical and low frequency applications.

Attendance is free. To access the event please register.
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Please contact if you have questions To Treat Online Abuse as Seriously as Hate Crime in Real Life

The UK's Crown Prosecution Service has pledged to tackle online abuse with the same seriousness as it does hate crimes committed in the flesh. From a report: Following public concern about the increasing amount of racist, anti-religious, homophobic and transphobic attacks on social media, the CPS has today published a new set of policy documents on hate crime. This includes revised legal guidance for prosecutors on how they should make decisions on criminal charges and handle cases in court. The rules officially put online abuse on the same level as offline hate crimes -- defined as an action motivated by hostility or prejudice -- like shouting abuse at someone face-to-face. They commit the CPS to prosecuting complaints about online material "with the same robust and proactive approach used with online offending." Prosecutors are told to consider the effect on the wider community and whether to identify both the originators and the "amplifiers or disseminators."

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ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman will discuss making difficult decisions at Disrupt SF

 There are plenty of CEOs-turned-investors, but few investors get quite as involved in their portfolio companies as Fritz Lanman. Lanman is currently the executive chairman and cofounder Verst, Doppler Labs, and recently took over the CEO position at ClassPass, where he was an investor and executive chairman. Lucky for all of us, Lanman will be joining us on stage at TC Disrupt SF in September. Read More

As Android O debuts, Marshmallow still commands about a third of devices

 The arrival of a new Android version isn’t nearly as rare as a total solar eclipse, but Google’s hoping the solar system will share the spotlight as it takes the wraps off of its latest mobile operating system. Among other things, Android O will likely be getting an official release date and alphabetic dessert name, with “Oreo” looking like the top contender. So, how… Read More

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 Popular media player software maker Plex has had a rough weekend. The company alerted users via email on Friday about an updated privacy policy due to go into effect in September. The new policy would remove users’ ability to opt out of data collection, said Plex. This move quickly resulted in much user backlash, with many subscribers concerned that their data would be shared or sold… Read More